Evaluation and authentication

The gallery offers professional evaluation services for insurance purposes and to determine the market value of individual paintings and collections, complete authentication of Canadian, American and European art is available.

Art rental

We rent art to individuals or corporations as a nominal percentage of the total cost. The rental contract can be as short as a month or as long as a year. On a leasing contract, the client can deduct as an office expenses the total amount of the monthly leasing cost.

On Approval Services

The client may “try-out” on approval a painting or sculpture for a day or more without obligation, and see the artwork in his own environment before making a decision. We offer delivery Services.

Layaway Plan

Whatever your personal taste or collector objectives, The Contemporary Art Gallery, can help you to locate and select the perfect artwork. Our instalment payment option allows you to start living with and enjoying the work immediately. Art that you may not feel as accessible, can become a part of your life style.


We provide expert restoration services on all Canadian & European art.


The Gallery offers top prices for important Canadian and International art : Modern Classics from 1950 to 1999 on, as well as European and American Masters.