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Important Summer Exhibition 2019

We are currently presenting an exhibition of works by three generations of contemporary Canadian artists: David Sorensen, André Fournelle, Viktor Mitic, Laura Santini and Florian Liber.

Important Spring Exhibition 2019

This exhibition in the spring 2019, presented a choice of works by leading contemporary Canadian artists. Participating artists (in alphabetical order): Francesca Alepin Kneider, Guy Bailey, Catherine Young Bates, Philippe Bellefleur, Ross Bishop, Louise Brouillet, Chard Chenier, Jan Delikat, André

Salon des acceptés – Important Exhibition of Quebec Artists and Around

Description to come

Three American Masters of Abstraction October 14 – November 15 2017

Innovators and explorers of contemporary abstraction, three artists from the United States who each define their own unique aesthetics, exhibit some of their recent works at the Gallery of Contemporary Arts. Lyrical rather than narrative, their paintings unfold in the freedom of luminous

Masters of Abstraction – May 4th to May 28th, 2017

David Sorensen – William Ronald – Robert Hedrick – Burton Kramer -Graham Peacock. You are cordially invited to the showing on Thursday May 4th at 5pm to 9pm & at the reception on Saturday May 6th, at 12am to 5pm, 

Polish Artists in Canada – December 1rst until December 24th, 2016.

The exhibition celebrates the careers of polish artists in Canada, their work and achievements.  The event has been initiated by the publication of the doctoral work by Katarzyna Szrodt at the University of Warsaw.  Polish Artists in Canada is under

Important Exhibition of Canadian – Hungarian Artists – August 31rd to September 17th, 2016

You are cordially invited to the opening for the exhibition of Canadian Hungarian artists, Wednesday, August 31rd, from 4pm to 8pm. Official reception with Hungarian ambassador on Saturday September 10th, from 1pm to 5 pm at 2165 Crescent Street, 2nd

Summer Sun Celebration. July – August 2016

Exhibition Participating Artists: Roy Lerner – Ronald Headland – Ross Bishop – Val Sloggett – Philippe Bellefleur – Hélène Goulet – Vérona Sorensen Hannah Franklin – Danielle Parinello – José Corral – Fabio Avella – Pierre Couture.

Retrospective exhibition of Guy Montpetit – May 19th, to June 16th, 2016

 IMPORTANT RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION OF GUY MONTPETIT At the gallery, 2165 Crescent Street, 2nd floor, Montreal, QC H3G 2C1 on May 19th, to June 16th, 2016. You are kindly invited to the vernissage on May Thursday 19th, from 5pm to 9pm.

« Perceptions and Vibrations » From October 30 to November 21, 2014

« Perceptions et vibrations » From October 30 to November 21, 2014 Group Exhibition  Participating Artists: Chard Chenier — Philippe Bellefleur — Guy Monpetit — Guy Bailey — Ross Bishop — Ronald Headland — Fabio Avella — Val Sloggett —